We're in the building stages -- and yet, here you are. I am honored :-)





So getting to it: What's JeffDaddy play? How to describe the music? Like this: singer-songwrter stuff thats crunk, funk and soul inspired rhythm-rock-blues that can go electric, acoustic, or techno-assisted. I love the new beats, that somewhat sinister sound, "New Jack Swing" I've heard it called. But I might be off on that. Check out the jukebox, that'll give you a good idea buybee. And if you like a song, send me an email. jeffkaz@earthlink.net

All songs are originals unless you see "Cover" in parentheses after the title over there ("over there" means over there to the right in the jukebox).

All originals were written (words and music), recorded (all instruments), drum programming, vocals, all production by Jeff kasbohm. (Yes, he's a driven compulsive bugger.) All are copyright registered under Checkered Man I, II or III.

OK, so whats the plan here? There's a lot of great music out there in the world, and I've been inspired by so much of it. Ask any musician, ask anybody playing in a band, and they'll tell you the same: so much great music out there - old and new.

They wanna learn it all! So how to write music that can compete with all that? Tall order. But Mr. Springsteen and J. Cole, (Jay-Z's Label newest hire), said the same thing: aim for writing musc that "won't be denied". Well that's the aim. And I would add, have fun doing it!

Here's what it says on the back of my new biz card:






help wanted

Yes! I'm looking for musicians, play a few covers sure, but this is really all about origianls. So if you like the music, then thats a great start. It'd be great to get a guitartist (rhythm / lead) who can sing and a percussionist / drummer. That would be an awesome start. So if you like the sound, and you can get to the Saint Louis Park area with no hassles in 2 feet of snow, awesome! Let me know. See below for guitarist opportunity in the "RazzMa-Kaz Bubble Gum Jazz Show"

Call for more info: 952.544.0657



(You can hear Jeff in the 2002 movie soundtrack of "Quicksand" Starring Michael Dudikof. Movie scored compsed by Kurt Harpell at www.hitciti.com )

My buddy Pedro (aka Pete Baillon) coined the "Bubble Gum Jazz" part. What is it? It's about an hour and a half, to 2 hours of pure saxophone music from old Motown hits redone on horn, to fusion to rock to funk -- that all adds up to, well, as my buddy Pedro aptly named it "Bubble Gum Jazz". I'm no John Coltrane, but a great melody and a little inspiration can help a guy sound better than his actual ability :-)

Would love if a guitarist out there would want to play guitar along with the horn. Ample room for rhythm and plenty of lead opportunities. If youre the same guitarist that might want to play the originals, all the more stellar. Call for more info: 952.544.0657


Saxophone Song list:

Pick up the Pieces (AWB)
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
A Real Mother For Ya
Cut The Cake
Sissy Strut
Maputo (Sanborn)
Cherish (yes, the Madonna tune)
I'll Be There (Jackson 5)
Natural Woman
When A Man Loves A Woman
(Richard Elliot version)
All Night (Richard Elliot)
Jumpin Off (Richard Elliot)
The Grip (Richard Elliot)
In Your Arms (Richard Elliot)
Street Beat (Richard Elliot)
Reasons (EWF)
After The Lovin's Gone (EWF)
Together Again (Dave Koz)
Snakes (Sanborn)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Whiter Shade Of Pale
With A little Help From My Friends
(Joe Cocker version)
Piece Of My Heart (Janice Joplin)
The Letter (Joe Cocker version)
You Are Everything
Let's Wait Awhile,
Jungleland (Clarence Clemons tribute),



You can hear Jeff playing saxophone in the 2002 movie soundtrack
of "Quicksand" Starring Michael Dudikof.










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